What NKS customers are saying… about ordering online

What NKS customers are saying… about ordering online
Based on a customer review
By Angela Cornell

I know, I know. Everybody does it. But does that make ordering online any easier? I think not. Perhaps you find online shopping fun and relaxing. I, however, do not. Typically, when I decide to shop online, it’s a multi-step process. It starts out easy: I decide that I’m going to buy a certain item. Piece of cake. But then, the path gets difficult.

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First, I need to decide which online store I’m going to order from. Should I go with Amazon? Walmart? A specialty store? The company that produced the product in the first place? Often there are several deciding factors, like how much the item costs in proportion to its quality, how quickly I’ll get the product delivered to me, how the company describes the item, and how safe my personal information will be.

If I’ve ordered from the company before, that history plays a part as well. Was I pleased with the product? Do I feel that I got enough bang for my buck the last time around? If I emailed the company, did they reply in a timely manner? Were they helpful?

And then… [cue creepy music] there’s the possibility of that awful “O” word. Options. Different ones, to be precise. Do I get the mug with the mischievous-looking fox on it or the one with the cute racoon? Do I get the box of assorted tea that has more bags but less variety, or do I get the box with more variety but fewer bags? Or perhaps… But I think you get the picture.

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Whether you are thinking, “Oh my. That’s me!” or whether you’re just kicking back and laughing at my description, I’m sure that you can agree with me that when put like that, online shopping sounds just… well… exhausting.

But that doesn’t mean that it has to be. It certainly wasn’t for New Kitchen Store customer Kalyn B. This is how she described her experience with shopping online:

I have purchased many things from New Kitchen Store, including Nora Fleming pieces and Two Can Art mugs and plates. I have also purchased beautiful wooden spoons, soothing teas and other kitchen items. The owner, Phyllis, is a delight and always wonderful to work with. I live out of state, so I try to stop by whenever I am in town. Most recently, I wanted an order shipped to me, and Phyllis was so helpful with that too. One of my favorite stores!

Well! Goodbye stressful shopping. Hello New Kitchen Store. Here’s for making shopping easy and fun so you can get back to what really matters!

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Like Kalyn, if you have any questions about any of our products that you’ve seen in-house or online, please feel free to email us at nks@tcacmall.com or send us a Facebook message! We’d love to hear from you!

The views expressed in this post are the opinions of the writer and store customers and are not the official opinions of New Kitchen Store, its employees, owners, or affiliates.

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