Sous Vide Electric Stick Cooker

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Meat, fish, or vegetables can be cooked in their own juice in a vacuum bag with this appliance. The advantage: The food becomes particularly tender and tasty. Vitamins, minerals, and flavors, are preserved better when you use the Sous Vide Stick!

  • Perfect for Sous Vide cooking, preparing yogurt, heating baby food in a glass jar, tempering chocolate coating in a water bath and much more!
  • Powerful 800 watt output in compact design
  • Space-saving storage
  • Waterproof due to IPX7- Standard
  • Suitable for all heat-resistant vessels up to a volume of 21 quarts
  • Heats over 5 gallons to a precise temperature
  • Monitors temperature, with temperature setting of 77*F-197*F
  • White LED display with sensor touch control panel
  • Timer function: From 1 minute to 99 hours
    (up to 2 hours in 1 minute increments, from 2 hours in 5 minute increments)
  • With practical screw cap
  • Screw cap width: 2 cm (without rubber stopper 3 cm)
  • Made of stainless steel
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