7 Ways to Make This Weekend Memorable

7 Ways to Make This Weekend Memorable

Traditionally, Memorial Day is a time to celebrate our fallen heroes as a nation—those who have fallen in war as well as others who have died in the line of duty as firemen and police officers. Most people celebrate the freedom that these heroes have preserved by getting together with friends and family for a meal or by going somewhere special for the day. This year, however, will be different for most of us since large gatherings are still a no-no and most attractions are closed. Nonetheless, there are plenty of things you can do this weekend to celebrate. Keep reading to discover 7 ways that you can make wonderful memories with friends and family this holiday weekend.

1. Virtually share chips and dip

Go ahead and plan the menu. Mix together the marinade or a rub (we have some fantastic ones available! Feel free to call us at 574-586-2745 for suggestions or check out our website for ideas) and fire up the grill. While you’re donning your apron, call up a friend and invite them to join you virtually! If they live close enough, you can even take them some of the meal so that you’re all eating the same thing. There are several video chat options, like Skype, Facetime, and Zoom. Even Gmail has a video call feature. Although it’s not as good as in person, it’s still a way to see and interact with friends this weekend.

2. Pull out the red, white, and blue decorations

Even if no one else will see them, you’ll be able to enjoy them. You may also want to consider getting fresh ones. If you don’t have any, drop by our store or shop online to see our summer and patriotic kitchenware. We also have Nora Fleming items, which make sprucing up your kitchen a simple and fun process. We are constantly getting in new collectibles from her, so stop by to see what we have available!

3. Buy some sparklers

Let’s be honest: summer hardly feels right without fireworks. Many stores have already pulled out their Independence Day fireworks display, so get a package and pull them out after dark sometime this weekend to enjoy with your family. You can even leave some on your neighbors’ porch so you can make memories with them across the garden fence.

4. Try a new recipe

If you’re on this blog, chances are you like to cook, at least a little bit. And if you’re anything like me, you occasionally like to do something I call “playing in the kitchen.” Find a recipe that looks good (some of my favorite free recipe websites are All Recipes, The Spruce Eats, Food and Wine Magazine, and The Kitchn) and put on music to “jam” to. Then, ready… set… BAKE! Once it comes out of the oven, post pictures of your delicious final product so everyone can salivate enviously…. I mean, like, comment, and enjoy your cooking success.

5. Chalk Talk Art

Do you have kids at home? Even if you don’t, decorate your sidewalk or driveway (or a neighbor’s, if you have permission) with that big bucket of chalk you have laying around in the garage. For those who have an artistic nature, this is a perfect way to while away the time. Plus, this gives you an opportunity to boost someone else’s mood as well as your own, especially if you leave a message for others to find, like an expression of gratitude, a religious saying, or some other words of encouragement.

If you’re especially in the mood to draw hearts, take a picture and share it on social media with #HeartHunting! Displaying and finding hearts around the community is quickly becoming a popular activity for heart hunters. During these strange times, this is a simple way to share the love with friends and strangers-- especially those who are struggling with the fears and uncertainties brought on by the pandemic.

6. Go for a walk

Even though several establishments are still closed, most parks are open. So go enjoy them and take a picnic lunch with you! To make the walk a little more interesting, you could do a nature photo scavenger hunt. Or, weather permitting, go fly a kite. Whatever you do, get out of the house. You’ll feel better for it.

7.Remember what you’re celebrating

In times like these, it’s the small details that make the biggest difference. So fly an American flag flying in your front yard as a way to remember those whose sacrifice made it possible for you to display it openly. While you’re at it, send a card to a soldier who is far from home right now. Operation: Quiet Comfort is a local organization that seeks to honor soldiers oversees by sending them cards and small gifts. To learn how you can get involved, check out their website here.  

Happy Memorial Day from all of us at New Kitchen Store!